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RecomedMicrowave heat therapy device RECOMED 12-200P

Microwave heat therapy device.

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uroflowUroflow Recorder URO-2050

Standard device for recording the urinary flow.

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Bio-3aAnaesthesia Monitor BIO-3A

Pulse oximeter – measurement of oxygen saturation and single channel ECG device. Mains and battery operation and PC connection for documentation and data storage.

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BioscopeECG device BIOSCOPE-C

Pocket-size handheld ECG unit, easy to use, with built-in electrodes.

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Bio 3Anaesthesia Monitor BIO-3

Pulse oximeter – measurement of oxygen saturation and single channel ECG device. (No longer available)
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EKG-ZoomECG evaluation software BIOTREND

Software for Windows 95/ 98/ NT which is easy to use for the evaluation of the ECG signals taken with the BIOSCOPE.

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