About RECO

Did you know RECO was found already in 1946?

Tradition und Innovation

The company RECO was founded by Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Rentsch in 1946. In the beginning the profile was based on conventional medicine technique like HF heat therapy. At first the main attention was focused on short wave therapy, which was later substituted by microwave therapy devices. Even the urodynamic base diagnostic and the photometry for water analysis have played an important role. Furthermore equipments for special analysis’ in the UV range were developed and produced. Also there have been some developments in the field of cardiovascular diagnostics. Our products have a long historical background and they are, partly, still manufactured or adapted on special requests (OEM production). RECO has 12 employees who develop the product portfolio steadily. buildingThe QM system EN ISO 13485:2016 of our company has been certified. We develop and produce in according to MDD 93/ 42/ EEC.

History of the Company

  • 2005 Facelift

    The approved anaesthesia monitor BIO-3 is followed by the new BIO-3A (ECG and oxygen saturation) in the beginning of 2005.

  • 2001 VITASCOPE-A

    Development of the patient monitor VITASCOPE in the year 2001.

  • 1996 BIO-3

    Development of the affordable anaesthesia monitor BIO-3 BIO-3 (ECG and oxygen saturation).

  • 1994 Automotive Technology

    Completion of the medicine technique programme by the revolution counter SRA-2 for exhaust gas examinations on internal combustion engine powered vehicles as OEM production for a large service accessories company in 1994/1995.


    Development of the microwave therapy device RECOMED as well as the ECG unit BIOSCOPE

  • 1991 further development

    Further development of the photo metre and the Uroflow recorder

  • 1989 the change in the former GDR

    1989/1990: Political and economic change in the former GDR.

  • 1988 cooperation with a West German enterprise

    The cooperation with a well-known West German enterprise for medicine technique starts, at first in the field of the metrological conversion in the pacemaker therapy with physiological adaptation to the individual heart rate.

  • 1984 S-T segment analyser

    We could offer the S-T segment analyser for cardiological diagnostics in 1984.

  • 1983 UROFLOW-Recorder

    Development of the UROFLOW recorder in cooperation with the medical academy of Dresden in 1983 and production.

  • 1982 photo metres

    Also 1982: Start of the production of chlorine photo metres, followed by glucose photo metres.

  • 1982 TOKOGRAPH

    The TOKOGRAPH (equipment for recording the uterus contraction) was developed in the year 1982.

  • 1958 PHYSIOMAT

    1958 to 1960: development of the circulation controlling device PHYSIOMAT (blood pressure measurement and registration in connection with the recording of the respiratory rate and body temperature).

  • 1950 ultrasound test instruments

    In this period of time ultrasound test instruments for the strength test of concrete were developed too, milliseconds-fuse equipment for the blowing up in quarries and of ruins as well as ammunition locators.

  • 1950 Bergakademie Freiberg

    Cooperation with the Bergakademie Freiberg in the field of mountains pressure research by using the oscillographic short time measuring technique within the years 1950 to 1957.

  • 1950 RECOTHERM

    Development of the short wave therapy device RECOTHERM. About 7,000 of this permanently improved devices were sold until 1990, from 1965 1,000 pieces of them to Egypt.

  • 1949 Repair and production

    Repair and production of radios, production of mains plugs, switches and lamp sockets.

  • 1949 Foundation

    Foundation of the company June 1(st), 1946.