Anaesthesia Monitor BIO-3 (No longer available)

EKG-Gerät BIOSCOPE-C und Puls-Oximeter

The equipment is indicated by the combination of a pulse oximeter and a separately usable (removable from the monitor) BIOSCOPE. Pulse oximeter and BIOSCOPE are united to a small compact monitor. The monitor could be used as a desktop model or fasten at an infusion stand by a tripod holder.

The anaesthesia monitor BIO-3 is for battery operation only and has a changeable accumulator. The operating time with a fully charged accumulator is about eight hours. The battery will be recharged outside the monitor in a special charger. So a recharged battery can always be held in stand-by.

The monitor BIO-3 is not developed for bed-sided use. It is suitable for operations while medical specialist staff is in the proximity and can directly react to a triggered alarm.

Application range

  • for ambulatory use and small surgery
  • alarm function for SpO2 and heart rate
  • acoustic and optical signal for heart rate
  • independent of the mains, therefore also suitable for mobile use
  • prepared for separation of the BIOSCOPE-C from the monitor i.e. to use the BIOSCOPE-C separately

Standard accessories: ECG patient cable, Oximeter finger sensor, powerful rechargable battery, high quality charger, tripod holder
Optional accessories: BIOSCOPE-AI: adapter for ECG recording, BIOSCOPE-DI: adapter for PC (RS232) incl. software BIOTREND

Matchless favourable price by integration of the emergency ECG unit BIOSCOPE-C which remains available outside the monitor as well.

Important: No longer available! Service for BIO-3 is continued.

Please note: The orig. battery is no longer available! An equivalent rechargeable battery (NiMh) is available. Please ask for information.

Please send an email to to ask for pricing.

Operating instructions and software updates you will find here:


Bio 3


One-channel recording
Suppression of mains hum
Bandwidth 0.5 … 40 Hz (3dB)
Time constant 0.33 sec.
Input impedance 2 MOhm
Sensitivity 0.25 … 8 mV
(automatic level control in 4 steps)
Marking of pacemaker pulses
Heart-rate range 25 … 240 bpm
Instant heart rate displayed on the LCD screen
Average heart rate
  • displayed by the LED display
  • in case ECG is not connected the
  • averaged pulse rate will be displayed (finger sensor)
ECG memory max. 11 min.
Alarm limits adjustable:

  • LO: 25 …100 bpm
  • HI: 60 … 250 bpm
SpO2 by Pulse-Oximeter
Oxygen saturation, measuring range 50 … 100%
Oxygen saturation, accuracy
  • 80 … 100%: ±2%
  • 60 … 80%: ±3%
  • lower than 60%: not specified
Alarm limits adjustable 60 … 95% (low limit value only)
Bar display for quality of pulse signal
Pulse rate range 35 … 230 bpm
  • universal hinged finger sensor for adults
  • or tongue sensor for veterinary medicine
  • other sensors optional (i.e. for children)
Power supply battery powered, rechargeable battery 8V (LCS-218P or LC-S082R1PG)
Operation time uninterrupted operation about 8h
Electrical safety, The monitor BIO-3 agrees with:
  • EN 60601-1 (03.96), defi protected,
  • class IIa acc. MDD 93/42/EEC
  • about medical products (06/93), CE 0123
Dimension approx. 160 x 180 x 120 mm (W x D x H)
Weight approx. 1.75 kg (incl. BIOSCOPE-C and battery)
Modifications reserved.