Microwave heat therapy device RECOMED 12-200P

  • Pulsed and continuous operation
  • Easy to use
  • Processor controlled
  • Program memory
  • High safety standard
  • For all applications of the high-frequency and heat therapy

About the application of microwave heat therapy

With a good penetration of the fatty tissue especially the underlying muscular tissuebecomes heated. On the other hand there is an additional warming up of the skin and therefore an improvement of the blood flow of deeper lying organs via the cutisvizeral reflex paths.

An universally applicable therapeutic principle that can be easily combined with numerous other therapy forms. An overdose will be prevented by the subjective heat feeling.

Acute illnesses, particularly with inflammable and traumatic symptoms, requires a low dosage at short treatment time.

On the other hand, in chronic illness a higher dosage and a longer treatment time is required. Very low dosages without any heat being felt, so-called athermic dosages, are recommended for treatments of the hormonal system and the RES to improve the endogenous defence system.
An optimal depth effect is achieved through high peak power impulses.

Standard accessories: Holding arm for radiator, Universal radiator, RF connecting cable
Optional accessories: Omnidirectional radiator (diameter 160mm), Omnidirectional radiator for ENT (diameter 65mm)

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Operating instructions and software updates you will find here:


Microwave heat therapy device RECOMED


Power supply: 230 V ±10%, 50 Hz
Power consumption: max. 700 VA
magnetron: Metal-ceramic
Nominal frequency: 2.450 MHz ±50 MHz
RF nominal power output: 200/ 25 W Automatic range limit
Pulsed power: Max 1.250 W
Average power: 5…200 W, selectable in 12 steps
Pulsed operation: 1…50 pulses per second
Treatment time: 1…30 min
Service friendly construction
Cover color: grey-white RAL 9002
Dimensions: 79 x 40 x 30 cm (h x w x d)
Weight: 44,5 kg
Protection: Automatic protection function for patient, unit and against faulty operation.
Electrical safety Protection class 1, IEC 60601-1, class IIb MDD 93/ 42/ EEC, CE 0123


pulsed operation (P) Free selectable settings of dosage
continuous operation (C) 5-10-15-25-35-50-70-100-120-150-170-200 Watt
Fixed programs
P-1 10 Watt 5 min
P-2 25 Watt 5 min
P-3 50 Watt 7 min
P-4 70 Watt 10 min
P-5 100 Watt 10 min
P-6 150 Watt 15 min